As technology keeps evolving from time to time, so do the hackers commit themselves breaking and gaining access into each layer(Network, Host, Application, Databases) of your technology. An Layered Hardening approach protects your organisation against sophisticated, Targeted long term attacks to gain access to systems and its underlying PII datas.

Get Started

Our proposition on Layered Hardening

As a first step,

we gather details of your current Layers and it's corresponding configurations using Appsek baseline Questionnaire.

With the gathered information

an in-depth manual and automated assessments will be conducted on each layers against CIS, STIG and NIST Standards.

Appsek Protects

  • Network

  • Application

  • Host

  • Database

At Appsek,

Our policy is directed in such a way that, 'If we can gain access to a system, accounts, users or user data, we will stop at the point of recognition and report'. Appsek under no circumstances will deep dive to check how much more is accessible.

After testing,

Appsek will present an elaborate and eloquent report containing

  • Executive Summary

  • Top 10 Risks (CVE, CWE, and OWASP)

  • Detailed Proof of Concept with Screenshots / Videos

  • Risk Mitigations

    (Appsek not in the slightest do a copy-paste job when it comes to providing mitigations. Instead, we provide step by step solution to be followed, for fixing the issue once and for all)

Finally,a post-remediation scan is done to validate the closure of vulnerabilities.